Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction Treatment

php facility in new jerseyPartial hospitalization programs (PHP) can be the first step in your recovery or a step-down from inpatient or residential rehab. These types of programs provide a range of benefits, including structured support and continued treatment in a more flexible model that lets you return home each day and attend to other life obligations. Find out more about the PHP option at Greenbranch Recovery in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, below.

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What Is Partial Care Treatment, Exactly?

The term for this level of outpatient treatment can be misleading. First, PHP doesn’t have to take place in a hospital; we offer it at our facility. Second, you aren’t admitted into the facility for any overnight stays. Instead, you travel to the program on a daily basis — depending on the provider, this may be on weekdays only or seven days a week — for outpatient rehab treatment that can include individual and group therapy, education regarding the addiction cycle and how to manage your addiction and recreational therapy to build confidence and healthier coping skills.

Greenbranch Recovery’s PHP

The program at Greenbranch Recovery involves five days of treatment each week for up to about six hours each day. You’ll attend sessions in our state-of-the-art facility, which is designed with comfort and recovery in mind. Individualized treatment planning lets you be involved in making goals and decisions about your time in the program, and small group sessions ensure you get focused attention from the caring, experienced counselors and staff.

The Benefits of Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment

PHP can be an ideal solution for individuals in various stages of recovery. Often, it comes as the step after residential treatment. You move from living at the treatment facility, where 24-hour supervision and care is available, to outpatient status. That means you return home or move into a new home, and you may begin to integrate back into daily activities such as work, school or family life.

This transition can be a challenge for many. All of a sudden, you’re not protected by the safety and security of the residential rehab environment. Instead, you have to start employing the strategies you learned and practiced in treatment, dealing with day-to-day life again. PHP treatment helps reduce the impact of this transition, providing you with continued structured treatment and professional support as you learn to navigate life clean and sober and meet unexpected obstacles with your new coping skills.

But partial hospitalization isn’t just helpful for those making a transition from inpatient programs. In some cases, residential recovery may not be necessary or optimal given your own current life obligations. In these cases, you may work with professionals to make PHP your first step in rehab — especially if you’re not in need of 24-hour detox services.

Take Your Next Step in Recovery Now

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