Our Approach to the Treatment of Addiction As A Chronic Disease

First of all we consider addiction to be an illness. As with any other illness, in order to fully understand and treat addiction effectively, all aspects of the illness need to be considered.

Understanding the chronic aspect of addiction is critical. Therefore many resources are understandably devoted to it. Frequently the follow up from these interventions is insufficient, leading to recurrent episodes and wasteful repetition of short-term services. The most common reason for poor treatment outcomes is a early discharge from services. Most noteworthy, Greenbranch outcomes are better because we focus on both the acute and chronic aspects of addiction.

Abstinence: The Cornerstone of Addiction Treatment

While many people come to us in the hope of learning to use their problem substance in a moderate way. Others want to be able to continue to use addictive substances. As a result, Greenbranch believes the likelihood of such a strategy succeeding is extremely low. We work with our patients to help them achieve a life that they find satisfying. Without addictive substances or behaviors.
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