Outpatient addiction treatment programs provide drug and alcohol rehab options for those who are entering recovery, as well as for individuals who have been traveling this journey for some time. Greenbranch Recovery treatment facility in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, offers several levels of substance use disorder programs that let you return to your own home each day and make it possible to remain integrated or reintegrate into daily life while being supported by qualified, caring professionals. Discover more about our programs below.

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Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization is typically considered the next step after time spent in an inpatient or residential rehab center. Coming out of a residential program, where you have been separated from many of the stressors and triggers of daily life and receiving detox treatment services, can be a demanding endeavor. PHP programs stand in the gap, helping you transition from one part of your recovery to another with more confidence.

At Greenbranch Recovery, the partial hospitalization program meets five days a week, requiring up to six hours of participation daily. This is the highest level of outpatient treatment, which means you’re still heavily immersed in therapies including individual and group counseling services to support your mental health, recreational and educational sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Often used as the step-down from PHP, intensive outpatient programs reduce the amount of time you spend in treatment each week and provide a more flexible schedule that lets you continue integrating into a new normal for day-to-day life. At Greenbranch Recovery, the IOP meets during the day and evening to increase your ability to return to obligations such as work or school as you continue with your recovery.

Our IOP typically begins with participation four times each week for up to three hours each session, but as you work through the program and meet clinical milestones set by you and the treatment team, participation requirements taper off. The goal of IOP is often to move you from PHP to general outpatient support seamlessly.

General Outpatient Program

General outpatient programs are usually considered the final step in an addiction treatment continuity of care that runs from inpatient drug rehab to long-term follow-up and aftercare. Our outpatient services include group and individual counseling sessions and other support activities that take place during day and evening hours. At this point in recovery, you may only attend sessions once a week to continue to manage triggers and issues that arise as you return fully to daily life.

How to Access Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

While stepping down through each treatment option level has proven to be an effective recovery strategy for many people, each person’s alcohol or drug addiction, and rehab are unique to them. You may not need to enter a residential treatment center, for example, and start with partial hospitalization. Life requirements may demand that you skip from residential recovery directly to IOP. At Greenbranch Recovery, our goal is to provide individualized, flexible treatments to meet your needs or the needs of your loved one suffering from drug abuse or alcohol addiction. Contact us today or call 833-272-6246 to find out more about our addiction services, or complete the online admission intake form to begin or continue the recovery process with us. Additionally, you can learn more about health insurance coverage for your treatment plan here.