Will Health Insurance Pay for Rehab for Addiction?

insurance coverage for rehabMany people choosing to enter rehab for addiction may have wondered whether or not certain services are covered by health insurance, and in general, the answer is yes — many health insurance plans cover treatment and rehab services for alcohol and drug addiction.

Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, a health care system law passed in 2010, ensured addiction treatment would be covered by insurance. Within its language, the bill states that addiction is no longer considered a preexisting condition, which means treatment for addiction would qualify for insurance coverage.

When you shop for a health care plan on the HealthCare.gov Marketplace, you’ll find specific plans that cover mental health and substance abuse services. According to Healthcare.gov, these plans must cover: 

Substance abuse treatment
Inpatient services for mental and behavioral health
Behavioral health treatment, such as counseling and psychotherapy

Rehab-Related Services

Specific coverage benefits vary by specific health care plans.

Examples of some possible addiction treatment services you might be able to benefit from within these plans include:

  • Addiction evaluation
  • Brief intervention
  • Addiction treatment medication
  • Clinic visits
  • Testing for alcohol and drugs
  • Home health visits
  • Anti-craving medication
  • Family counseling

Parity Protections for Substance Abuse Services

Health insurance companies often place limits on how much they’ll cover — sometimes these limits are financial and have to do with co-pays, deductibles or coverage limits; other times, these limits relate to time, such as dictating the number of days your plan covers you for, such as during a hospital stay.

Marketplace plans generally can’t be more restrictive for mental health and substance abuse services than they are for medical and surgical services.

Addiction Expenses Covered by ACA

Marketplace health insurance plans are divided into several tiers, and percentage of coverage varies depending on the type of plan you select. Reference the table below for a general idea of the percentages an ACA health plan covers for mental health and substance abuse services.

Plan Type Percentage of Coverage
Bronze 60%
Silver 70%
Gold 80%
Platinum 90%

Find Out the Details of Your Health Insurance Plan

The information provided here applies to Marketplace health plans, but if you have a different health insurance plan, such as through your job or your spouse’s employer, details on coverage limits, co-pays and percentage of coverage for certain services may be different.

health insurance forms

You can always call your health insurance company to find out details about what rehab services it will cover. That way, you can anticipate costs and make decisions based on what you’re able to pay and what’s best for your health.

If you’re interested in beginning a rehab program, contact Greenbranch Recovery today at 833-272-6246 and one of our admission counselors will be happy to assist you.