Why a Program for Professionals?

If you’re a professional, the chances are that your job involves elevated levels of responsibility, performance and accountability. Executives, business owners, health care providers, lawyers, pilots and first responders tend to hold licenses and official accreditations. In many cases, the livelihoods of staff, responsibility for clients and even the lives of strangers are in your hands.

While you may be a humble person, the enormity of this level of culpability puts pressure on you. If your coping mechanisms aren’t finely tuned, this can lead to seeking a release or solace in alcohol or drugs. A rehabilitation program for professionals needs to take into account these factors and customize a treatment plan according to your circumstances. Peer support is an integral part of recovery, so being surrounded by like-minded people in rehab for professionals can be hugely valuable for your recovery journey.

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The Unique Obstacles Faced by Professionals

A high-octane job requires you to have certain traits that are incredibly useful for your position but can also lead to self-destructive tendencies. Perfectionism, feeling a sense of duty towards other people and having an analytical mind help you in your work life but can work against you in your personal life.

It’s likely that you’re a member of a professional organization that has its own set of leadership and ethical guidelines, strict codes of practice and liability for serious decisions. You and your peers will hold yourself to high standards, which means severely elevated stress levels.

It’s not unusual for professionals to develop addictions as a result of these expectations. Whether you’re taking the edge off the demanding nature of your vocation, trying to supplement your energy levels with stimulants or unwinding after a hard day with depressants, what starts as something you’re in control of can soon spin out of control. Some of the other influences that might lead a professional to turn to substance abuse include:

  • Expectations at work relating to public safety
  • A poor work/life balance due to long or antisocial hours
  • Proximity to narcotics
  • Industry-specific stressors
  • A culture of using drugs or alcohol in the workplace

Can I Keep My Job and Attend Rehab?

As someone who has worked hard to reach the level you’re at professionally, the idea of losing your job because of drugs and alcohol can be frightening. Rest assured that seeking treatment doesn’t have to mean job loss; in many cases, you may not even need to take time off work. Outpatient treatment that you can attend outside of work hours exists, providing you with the skills and tools you need to determine the cause of your substance use disorder and banish it for good.

Outpatient courses can involve spending three or 10 hours a week attending group and individual therapy while allowing you to remain in work. If you need more intense and structured treatment, you can make use of the US Department of Labor’s Family and Medical Leave Act. The act means everyone is entitled to take unpaid leave for family and medical emergencies, including addiction. This could facilitate the time off you need to seek treatment in partial hospitalization or a residential program.

Small Groups for Impressive Results

A small recovery community gives you the opportunity to form deep, lasting bonds with your peer group and not get lost in the crowd. Building strong relationships with the people you meet in treatment helps you feel comfortable and confident, which leads to more open discussion. It also leads to everyone having their voice heard during group therapy sessions, with more time for counselors to offer personalized feedback. Rehab aimed at professionals tends to mean you’ll be part of a smaller group of like-minded people.

Rehab for Professionals in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Professionals may feel as if they have too many responsibilities to take time for themselves, which is often a leading cause of them developing an alcohol or drug addiction in the first place. If you need to discuss your situation with an expert, call Greenbranch Recovery at 609-622-5101 today. Our drug and alcohol rehab for professionals is ready to help you beat addiction for good.