Our Admissions Process


Greenbranch Recovery admissions staff will make the admission process seamless and comfortable. Because we know that this is a difficult, but important time in anybody’s life. We have the best staff and understand this is the first step of many in in your rehabilitation process.


Here at Greenbranch we follow the 12-step program. Our clients are often coming from a painful intervention. Therefore we have fully accredited counselors on staff to make the transition easier.

Greenbranch is proud of all our admissions for taking the next step.  Whether it be drug, alcohol, gambling or prescription pills. Greenbranch will be there every step of the way.

As a result, admissions staff will work with you on a private pay or with your insurance.  No one is left without an option.

Finally, Greenbranch knows that cost is sometimes a barrier in seeking help. Thereby being fully transparent we want you to know up front what the cash pay costs will be. Here is a breakdown of the Outpatient treatment cost:



IOP  GROUPS (3 Hrs) $220

ALL Inclusive (30 Day) $3000

Individual Assessment, 4 Individual Therapy Sessions, 12 Groups


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