At Greenbranch Recovery, we understand that addiction is more than the substance a person misuses. People struggling with addiction often face other issues, including mental illness, low self-esteem and physical health problems. Addiction treatment programs must use a holistic approach to address these concerns.

Individuals seeking addiction treatment near Ocean City, NJ, will find Greenbranch Recovery a welcoming environment that addresses several types of addiction. Greenbranch Recovery offers outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization programs that allow individuals to work on recovery while caring for family and keeping other commitments.

Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse Treatment | Ocean City, NJ

Greenbranch Recovery offers drug and alcohol rehab through its outpatient rehab programs. Patients in the intensive outpatient treatment program invest 10 hours per week and receive drug and alcohol treatment, intensive outpatient counseling, family counseling and other interventions to help them on the journey to recovery.

Having a stable support system at home and in the community is helpful for individuals going through intensive outpatient treatment. Patients may work, attend classes, or handle other responsibilities when they aren’t participating in treatment.

The general outpatient program meets the needs of individuals who may not require services 10 hours per week. Individuals in general outpatient treatment often work or go to school full-time. Still, they benefit from medication-assisted treatment for withdrawal symptoms, counseling and other interventions that help them recover.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Center Near Ocean City, NJ

The partial hospitalization program at Greenbranch Recovery provides opportunities for individuals to spend more time in treatment without being in a residential rehab facility. They participate in the program daily but return home in the evening. Although partial hospitalization offers the freedom to take care of other responsibilities, it provides more structure than outpatient rehab programs. The structured environment of partial hospitalization helps develop the skills to face ongoing challenges during recovery.  

Alcohol Treatment & Drug Addiction Treatment Under One Roof

Getting drug and alcohol addiction treatment under one roof makes sense. For individuals with alcohol and drug addiction, engaging in recovery activities in one setting has advantages. It’s a practical approach because drugs and alcohol cause many of the same symptoms and health impacts. Greenbranch Recovery’s programs allow patients to receive the addiction treatment they need for co-occurring alcohol and drug abuse.

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Substance Use Disorder Programs for Professionals

For those in the helping professions, dealing with human suffering daily can take an emotional toll. Professional jobs come with many pressures. When the pressure gets too great, some people seek comfort in drugs and alcohol.

What begins as having a drink or popping a pill to wind down or relax after a hard day leads to addiction that impacts every aspect of a professional’s life, including relationships and performance at work. Greenbranch Recovery offers specialized programs for individuals working in high-stress professions, including first responders, teachers and nurses.

A Treatment Program for Veterans and First Responders

Veterans and first responders face similar workplace stress. Military personnel serving in combat zones must be on constant alert for attacks. Being in the throes of war, including losing close friends or seeing them endure life-altering injuries, can be difficult for anyone. However, it can be especially hard for service members deployed for long periods. After discharge from military duties, they often find it hard to cope with the memories of what they experienced. Similarly, first responders endure traumatic experiences as they see people when they are most vulnerable, typically after a tragic accident.

It isn’t unusual for veterans and first responders to suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder and job-related injuries, and some attempt to deal with those issues with alcohol and drugs. Greenbranch Recovery’s program for veterans and first responders uses a trauma-informed treatment that addresses veterans’ and first responders’ unique needs.

A Treatment Facility for Teachers

Teaching can be as challenging as it is fulfilling. The job usually pays less than talented educators deserve, and many stretch their dollars to purchase classroom materials and other necessities for their students. Teachers also face immense scrutiny, as people expect them to help children perform well in the classroom despite obstacles, such as inadequate support from administrators and lack of parent involvement.

Teachers who come to Greenbranch Recovery work toward a sober life in a private, supportive environment. They can remain active in the profession due to the flexibility of our programs. For a teacher, drinking or using substances may be an escape from daily expectations to work miracles in the classroom with little reward for the effort.

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Substance Use Programs for Nurses

Anyone who’s a nurse knows it can be a thankless job, but the workload is always demanding. Whether a nurse works in the emergency room, on a medical-surgical floor or in administration, the job can be physically and mentally taxing.

The highs and lows of helping sick or injured people recover while watching others succumb to illness can be challenging. There’s no time for grieving or reflecting due to the shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers. When a patient dies, a nurse must handle the situation stoically but with compassion and continue meeting the needs of other patients. There’s no time for grieving or reflecting due to the shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers.

Nurses work long hours while exposed to potentially fatal infections, but they’re expected to carry out their duties with a smile and a positive attitude. The pressure to perform under less-than-ideal circumstances can lead to some nurses becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Exhaustion and physical exertion that leads to chronic pain can be difficult for nurses. Access to medications meant for patients can be tempting. When a nurse becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can put their patients at risk. Like their colleagues in other high-stress jobs, nurses can get the help they need at Greenbranch Recovery.

Greenbranch Recovery uses medication-assisted treatment to help addicted professionals cope with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Cognitive therapy and group therapy can help nurses identify issues that lead to substance abuse and find positive ways to deal with the difficulties that come with the role.

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How Greenbranch Recovery Can Get You on the Road to Recovery

Regardless of an individual’s stage in life, when they’re struggling with addiction or mental health issues, a rehab center with an individualized treatment approach can help them recover. Greenbranch Recovery’s special programs for professionals also address the treatment needs of firefighters and police officers.

If you, a family member or a friend needs support to overcome addiction, Greenbranch Recovery near Ocean City, NJ, offers a compassionate and private environment for success. There’s no need to wait. You can get on the road to recovery today at one of the premier drug and alcohol treatment centers near Ocean City. Visit us online or call 833-272-6246.