Addiction is considered a disease of loneliness by many doctors who specialize in attachment theory. Interpersonal connectedness is a vital component of any addiction treatment program, and isolation can be a major catalyst for substance abuse. With the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, everyone is experiencing significant changes to their social lives. For someone who relies on support groups for a substance use disorder, this could be catastrophic.

Thankfully, technology has provided doctors and support workers with a solution. Video messaging, instant messaging and data capture software can provide telehealth care to those who need it. Whether it’s for clients who are already taking part in a rehab program or those who have been triggered by the world health crisis and the resulting isolation, telehealth drug rehab is delivering a lifeline in these uncertain times.

Addiction and Isolation

You’re likely spending considerable amounts of time indoors, prohibited from meeting with friends or family members who don’t live with you. This puts everyone under pressure, especially if you’re prone to depression or anxiety or you’ve struggled with addiction in the past. Isolation and boredom are risk factors for drug use disorders, alcoholism and certain mental health conditions.

Excessive drug and alcohol use connected to a desire to escape from the world and a public health emergency can magnify this dangerous tendency. Luckily, rehab facilities are responding to the current crisis and updating their telehealth capabilities. Thanks to technology, we don’t have to be in the same room to have face-to-face interactions. During this lockdown, video messaging is bringing us all together. It’s helping those in need make those vital connections with counselors, doctors, social workers, support staff and your entire support network.

What Is Telehealth for Addiction Treatment?

Telehealth involves attending assessments, therapy sessions, psychoeducation and catch-ups from a remote location. Instead of working from home, think therapy from home. Communication is an essential tenet of recovery, and computers, phones and tablets are providing us with channels to utilize during self-isolation. Web applications, texting, videoconferencing and telephone calls can be used for caregivers to offer support when you need to speak to someone.

This type of technology has been used in certain industries, such as for offshore workers, for more than a decade. It’s incredibly effective and likely to be rolled out across a variety of health care settings in the coming years.

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Treatment Online?

  • The most obvious and important benefit of telehealth drug rehab is that you can continue to receive therapy while practicing social distancing. When you speak to your therapist, counselor or peer group remotely, no one is at risk of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus.
  • While it may take a couple of sessions to get used to it, being in the comfort of your own personal space may give you more confidence. Some clients have discovered that they find it easier to talk about personal issues remotely.
  • With telehealth, you can still benefit from the guidance and reassurance of your medical team and support group. Being in regular contact with a variety of people can ease feelings of loneliness and help each participant to keep their spirits high. Seeing and hearing your peers and health care workers reminds you that you’re not alone.

Stay Connected While Maintaining Social Distancing

If you, like many people, are scared to leave the house to seek treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, telehealth rehab is the answer. The idea of going to rehab in the height of a health crisis makes starting a rehab program an even bigger step to take than it usually is. Rest assured, we are adapting our offering to provide clients with the help they need during these challenging times. Remote counseling and addiction treatment mean you can stay at home and attend sessions using one of your devices.

Telehealth Drug Rehab at Greenbranch Recovery

At Greenbranch Recovery, we’re using Zoom Video Communications, Inc. with (HIPAA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act approved privacy compliant software to provide a mixture of group and individual videoconferencing counseling three days a week. A qualified, experienced addiction specialist conducts each session, connecting with you and guiding you through the recovery process. Appointments take place on the following schedule:

Monday beginning at 10 am
Tuesday beginning at 10 am
Thursday beginning at 10 am

Monday 6 pm – 9 pm
Tuesday 6 pm – 9 pm
Thursday 6 pm – 9 pm

For more information, call us today at 833-272-6246 to speak to one of our friendly admissions counselors.