General Outpatient (GOP)

This is an excellent choice for drug or alcohol addicts who cannot, for financial or emotional reasons, put their lives on hold while they go through recovery. And it can be the best choice for substance abusers who has strong family and community ties and who know they can depend on support from the people who are already involved in their life.


At Greenbranch, our expert, caring staff can help you with the inpatient/outpatient decision. We will design a program tailored to address your unique needs. If you decide that it is right for you, Greenbranch Recovery will formulate a plan with your sobriety goals in mind.


guy talking in group therapy
guy upset with talking with family

Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment Right For You?

Your recovery process will involve the same pivotal elements as inpatient. The goal is the same, to kick the addiction and learn life skills that will help you remain substance-free. Rehab still concentrates on breaking old patterns and correctly identifying any underlying mental health issues. Therefore we work on replacing feelings of guilt and shame with feelings of confidence and empowerment.

General Outpatient (GOP) in New Jersey is offered at Greenbranch Recovery as a program for adults for 3 hours a week. So if you are ready to overcome your addiction but don’t want to disrupt your entire than recovery services we offer at Greenbranch Recovery are an excellent option.

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