Individuals seeking addiction treatment in Galloway or Absecon, New Jersey, come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. While standard drug abuse treatment strategies work for some types of substance abuse addiction, evidence-based programs offer higher success rates. Read on to learn more about our addiction recovery near Galloway & Absecon, New Jersey.

Rehab Programs for Every Situation

Finding an addiction treatment program or recovery center doesn’t need to be challenging. At Greenbranch Recovery, we offer specialized addiction treatment services and flexible schedules for people facing addiction to various substances and those who deal with situations that trigger alcohol and drug use. Many people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues require drug treatment plans to address both. However, not every person needs a full-time inpatient program. Many people can successfully achieve their recovery goals in partial hospitalization, general outpatient and intensive outpatient programs.

PHP – Partial Hospitalization

NJ partial hospitalization programs are helpful for individuals with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness. Similar to an outpatient program but more structured, a partial hospitalization program offers some benefits of an inpatient program. Participants spend several hours each day, five days a week, in activities that help them recognize addiction triggers. Individuals also receive treatment for mental health issues that contribute to substance use. The partial hospitalization schedule allows Galloway, New Jersey, patients to return home at the end of each day to tend to other responsibilities.

General & Intensive Outpatient Programs

Individuals who are trying to overcome addiction need programs that meet their unique personal needs, so Greenbranch Recovery offers the option of general or intensive outpatient treatment.

Individuals with family and other support at home can benefit from the general outpatient program. Treatment options in the GOP include individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy and group counseling. General outpatient program participants attend meetings one to three times each week for about 45 minutes each. During the sessions, individuals get help dealing with triggers that can lead to substance use, overcoming cravings and relapse prevention. The general outpatient program’s design makes it an affordable alternative to other programs.

Patients in a New Jersey intensive outpatient program can continue working or attending school while participating in treatment. The program offers many people the flexibility to commit to treatment. A step down from a traditional partial hospitalization program, the intensive outpatient program lets patients attend during the day or the evening and participate in individual and family counseling and support groups. Clients participate in classes that help them understand how regulating emotions, dealing with trauma and improving their education and vocational skills can help them avoid relapse. During IOP, individuals also learn to develop healthy relationships and rebuild relationships broken by addiction.

Addiction Rehab

Contrary to what some people think, no one description fits an addict. People addicted to drugs and alcohol come from all walks of life, including young people, older adults, people with limited financial resources, executives, professional athletes, entertainers and more.

Occupations where workers experience violence and other unpleasant events can take an emotional toll and often lead to substance use as they try to cope with the aftermath of human suffering and violence. Doctors, first responders, law enforcement officers, nurses and those who serve in the military all encounter trauma due to the nature of their work. Retiring doesn’t reduce the stress and thoughts associated with the experiences, which is why veterans and others sometimes turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with the emotional pain. At our drug and alcohol rehab center in NJ, we understand that a responsive drug and alcohol treatment program can help people in Galloway, NJ, and nearby cities develop skills to cope with past traumas that trigger substance use.

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Should I Consider Addiction Treatment at Greenbranch Recovery?

If you’re battling alcohol and drug addiction with or without a mental health diagnosis, we’re here to help. At Greenbranch Recovery, you’ll find caring, compassionate staff who are experts at drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Regardless of your background or how long you’ve used substances, if you’re seeking drug or alcohol addiction services, we’ll help you develop the skills and fortitude to fight substance abuse issues and get back to sobriety and clean living.

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