Greenbranch Recovery provides mental health and substance abuse treatment services near Sea Isle City, NJ, and surrounding areas of Cape May County, including Cape May Court House. Our counseling team will guide you and your family through the sometimes overwhelming and stressful process of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

We take a holistic approach that includes evidence-based therapy, such as counseling, medication-assisted treatment, behavioral therapy, experiential therapy and even alternative treatments like art and music therapy. Patients can receive treatment for substance use disorder and commonly co-occurring mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Sea Isle City, NJ

Our substance abuse treatment programs help patients overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. You’ll attend individual and family counseling sessions and receive therapy to treat substance abuse and coexisting mental health concerns. You’ll also learn life-coping skills designed to support relapse prevention.

Our Egg Harbor Township facility treats addiction as a disease. Many people don’t understand that they have a problem with alcohol or drugs because they continue to maintain careers, families and relationships. Eventually, however, you’ll need to address addiction when it affects your physical and mental health. It will also impact those around you, which is why family counseling is an important component of treatment at our New Jersey clinic.

Our treatment programs may be able to help you with substance use disorder and associated mental and behavioral health concerns if:

  • You can’t stop drinking or using drugs even when you want to quit.
  • Your relationships, job, grades or responsibilities are suffering because of substance abuse.
  • You experience physical or mental health symptoms of withdrawal when you try to stop using.
  • You’ve lost interest in your usual hobbies, friends and activities.
  • You have cravings for drugs or alcohol that you can’t control.
  • You need to use more of the substance to get the same effect, a sign of physical dependence.

Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment near Atlantic City

Partial hospitalization programs in NJ allow you to continue living your daily life while receiving help. These programs are generally less structured than traditional outpatient treatment programs, taking place several hours a day for anywhere from three to five days each week. Depending on your unique needs, the program can last several weeks or months.

These Atlantic City, NJ, addiction treatment services are a good choice for people simultaneously battling both a mental illness and substance use disorders.

Outpatient Rehab Near Sea Isle City

Outpatient treatment services at our facility provide intensive treatment for substance use disorders without the need to stay overnight at the clinic. You’ll be able to maintain your job, life and responsibilities while recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. If you live in Cape May Court House or elsewhere in Cape May County, our facility is just a few miles from home.

During intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), you’ll spend several hours a day at our Sea Isle treatment center for a total of about 10 hours a week in treatment. Your program is personalized for your specific substance abuse recovery needs and diagnosed mental health conditions. It may include medication, individual and group counseling, support groups, job training, education and other services that can help you live a healthy life in New Jersey.

Sea Isle City, don’t go another day battling your addiction — we have the program you need!

Greenbranch Recovery’s Addiction Treatment is designed for you!

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Centers Near Sea Isle City

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) near Sea Isle City, NJ, provides structured support as you recover from addiction. You return home each evening while you attend this outpatient treatment program. Many people enter PHP when they graduate from inpatient treatment services. Still, you can also enroll in this type of rehab in Sea Isle as a first step toward freedom from chemical dependency.

Personalized Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Greenbranch Recovery is one of the only alcohol and drug rehab centers near Sea Isle City, NJ, and Cape May County, with specialized treatment programs based on your professional history. We have a program designed for veterans and first responders that includes treatment for trauma they experience in the workplace and while in combat. This group, which also includes firefighters, nurses and police officers, has a higher risk for substance abuse and mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We have addiction treatment services designed specifically for professionals in high-stress careers in New Jersey as well. Business owners, executives, political figures and others who experience the pressure of power can benefit from our outpatient treatment program. Our program for teachers also addresses the impact of this career on individual mental health and the ability to cope with stressors without substance use.

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Leading the Way in Recovery for Sea Isle City

If you live near Sea Isle City, contact our South Jersey rehab for help with addiction at 609-622-5101. Our professional staff members can help you determine whether your employer’s health insurance or private insurance covers treatment, counseling, medication and other aspects of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment programs. Payment assistance may also be available.