At first, you use substances recreationally. Drug or alcohol use starts to become a habit as you try to cope with stress. Before long, you take drugs every day until you start to think that you can’t function without them. Abandoning substances causes withdrawals that make you crave the drug again.

People in Somers Point, NJ, call Greenbranch Recovery every day when they think they have a problem. Some have struggled with drug abuse for years, but no stage of addiction is untreatable. The key is finding the source of the issues instead of only treating the symptoms.

Alcoholism and drug addiction often come with a dual diagnosis of a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. Greenbranch Recovery treats individual and co-occurring disorders so residents can face the past, accept the present and look forward to the future.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals near Somers Point, NJ

Your employment can cause substance abuse issues just as easily as trauma, genetics and toxic relationships. The start of your career is shaky and uncertain, and later phases can be dull and draining. If you dislike your career, working itself is a chore.

Each job has stressors that compound as you take on more responsibilities. Sometimes those stressors can lead to increased use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. 

Some jobs involve dangers that cause anxiety, depression and PTSD. Others aren’t dangerous but force employees into high-stress situations. Individuals cope with drugs and alcohol, which leads to a substance abuse disorder that destroys their mental health and threatens to ruin their careers.

Greenbranch Recovery tailors our addiction treatment services for the following:

Our rehab centers consider various factors, such as your profession, responsibilities, traumas and expectations, to customize your substance abuse treatment program. Peers in your program can offer support and share similar experiences.

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Outpatient Rehab near Somers Point, NJ

Intensive outpatient treatment provides care for drug and alcohol addiction without a full-time residency. Typically, outpatient programs require you to commit 12 hours per week for 90 days. You can attend day or night courses that work for your schedule while attending to other responsibilities.

Your drug and alcohol addiction treatment near Somers Point, NJ, could include group and individual therapy, as well as classes for life skills, job training, trauma recovery, self-introspection and emotional stability. The treatment center may require periodic drug tests and provide tools to help you maintain sobriety.

As you resume your life, you can continue substance abuse treatment with a general outpatient program (GOP). This service provides individual, couples and family therapy for up to 3 hours per week. New Jersey professionals help you explore your feelings, face new challenges, build healthy relationships and avoid relapses.

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Partial Hospitalization Treatment near Somers Point, NJ

Partial hospitalization programs offer a midway point between outpatient and inpatient treatment. You won’t stay at our rehab near Somers Point full-time, but you’ll have a structured recovery schedule similar to taking college classes.

Greenbranch Recovery hosts treatment programs 5 days a week for 6 hours per session. You’ll visit for individual and group therapy, educational classes, hands-on activities and professional evaluations to monitor your progress. The program’s length depends on your individual recovery process.

During partial hospitalization treatment programs, you’ll work with the same experts and enjoy the same state-of-the-art facility as inpatient residents. You’ll build relationships with like-minded people who support your long-term recovery.

How Do I Know PHP is for Me?

Partial hospitalization might be the first step in addiction recovery if you don’t need detox services. You’ll receive a diagnosis and care for your substance use disorder without putting your entire life on hold. When classes end for the day, you’ll leave and go to work, attend night school or spend time with your family.

Partial hospitalization can also be the next step after inpatient care. You don’t need full-time assistance, but structured addiction recovery systems help you transition back to ordinary life. You’ll get used to seeing loved ones and staying overnight at your residence while receiving support during the day.

Afterward, you could switch to outpatient treatment classes that suit your schedule. 

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Call Greenbranch Recovery at 833-272-6246 to discuss drug and alcohol treatment near Somers Point, NJ, is suitable for you. If you suspect you’re suffering from addiction, we’ll discuss your symptoms, discuss care options and recommend steps for getting a diagnosis. We also answer questions for the loved ones of addicts.

If you have health insurance, fill out our online form with information from your insurance card. We’ll contact your provider to see if they work with alcohol treatment centers and then call you back to discuss your coverage.